Studieneinführendes Programm für international Studierende der Ingenieur- und Naturwissenschaften (Introductory programme for international students of Engineering and Natural Sciences)

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Target groups

StepIn is an introductory study program (pre-semester) for preparation for degree studies in Engineering or Natural Sciences at a German university, especially at TU Darmstadt. The course is particularly aimed at prospective foreign students. StepIn is held each summer semester.

Content and objectives

The objective of StepIn is to introduce you to degree studies so that you can then complete your studies in mathematical, scientific or technical degree programmes with the best chances of success and without losing time. StepIn provides a cultural, linguistic, methodical and subject-based introduction to the specific requirements of degree studies in Germany and allows transition problems to be handled quickly and successfully.

Specifically, StepIn teaches:

  • Basic qualifications in Mathematics (differentiation, integration, calculations with vectors and matrices), Physics (error estimation and propagation, computer-aided experiment evaluation) and Information Technology (introduction to object-orientated programming with Java)
  • Key qualifications in inter-cultural and social skills, learning and method skills (methods used in degree studies in Germany)
  • Language qualifications (specialist language/academic writing)

As a participant in StepIn, you are a student at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Participants in StepIn gain a unique qualification which can be taken into account when being considered for places in degree programmes.


To take part in StepIn, you must have proof of a higher education entrance qualification (e.g. have been accepted to a German university) and that your German skills are at least level B2 GER (e.g. TestDaF level 3).