Susanne Neuer-Dow

Susanne Neuer-Dow is a freelance trainer and consultant in the multinational environment and a trainer in Business English. Many years living in the USA, degree studies and professional experience in the USA. Works predominantly in teams from industrial and communications companies.
Focuses of work:
Inter-cultural training: inter-cultural sensitisation, inter-cultural communication and occupational competence, training for multinational project work.
Team training: team development, project teams
All training available in English or German
Activities at the Studienkolleg:
Workshops: “Living and studying in Germany”
Teaching inter-cultural skills for incoming students.

Ernestine Schneider

Freelance organisational consultant and trainer in inter-cultural skills. Works predominantly in teams and organisations in inter-cultural and international working processes, e.g. in universities, educational institutions, district governments and in development cooperation.

Activities at the Studienkolleg: Concept development for the teaching of inter-cultural skills across the university at the Studienkolleg at TU Darmstadt (together with Fadja Ehlail), as well as training and process support for students in the TropHEE degree programme.

At TU Darmstadt: Several years of process support for the ProErfolg project. Qualification in inter-cultural skills and cooperation for students, tutors and buddies in individual departments and for the International Service Office.

Evelyn Wendler

Long-standing DaF teacher at the Language Centre and at the Studienkolleg of the TU-Darmstadt with a focus on phonetics.

Trainer for presentation skills (body, voice, paralingual phenomena) and intercultural competence. Mainly active at colleges and universities in the Rhine-Main area. Further training for teachers of German as a foreign language as well as higher grades in European (St. Petersburg) and non-European countries (Central America).

Over 30 years stage experience.

Martina Wernz-Hornberger

Degree studies in Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology/Diplom degree in Paedagogy, first and second state examination in teaching at primary and secondary modern schools. Additional training in working methods in humanist psychology, systematic organisation development, coaching and mediation. Following professional experience as a teacher and in adult education, including in Ecuador, South America, she worked at the Institute for Socio-cultural Studies (ISOS) at the University of Kassel, including on the topic of inter-cultural communication and systematic approaches. Has worked freelance as a trainer and consultant in organisation development and as a coach since 1996.

She is fascinated by the variety, heterogeneity and individuality experienced when working with people from different cultures. The opportunity to place different perspectives alongside one another provides her with new options and possibilities for action.

As well as workshops at TU Darmstadt, she also teaches inter-cultural seminars for incoming students and the country-specific cultural workshops for Argentina and Brazil at the Studienkolleg.