inTU – inter-cultural orientation training

For (new) international students
1-2-day course

Being able to find one's way around a foreign country with all its new impressions, rules and differences is not easy for anyone – not for the colleague from Mexico who likes to talk a lot about his family, for the young student from Africa who is amazed by Germans' punctuality or for the German colleague who puts great stress on orderly and punctual work. This workshop provides assistance and answers to your questions on living and studying in a different culture. You will learn how to deal with the diverse expectations and attitudes at a German university and in a foreign country and how to reduce irritations.
Learn and experience why others often appear to be strange and different, that culture shapes our behaviour and takes place subconsciously, why meetings with others and strangers are often characterised by misunderstandings, how we can identify, classify and reduce stereotypes and prejudices and that diversity is fascinating and enriching.

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