German as Foreign Language

German as a foreign language is taught in the Studienkolleg at 10-12 lessons a week. After two semesters, the students should be in a position to follow a course taught in German at the university. They should also be able to make themselves understood in German at the university and in everyday life. Cultural information is intended to help them to cope with life in Germany and with Germans.

Specifically, the students will learn:

  • to understand spoken text in everyday and specialist language, to make notes while listening and to process the information heard
  • to expand their vocabularies and to present and explain situations orally in comprehensible sentences
  • to process non-language-based information sources (e.g. diagrams, drawings) and to talk or write about them
  • to ask about, discuss and present, e.g. in class presentations, situations in specialist sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics) in German
  • to read, understand, analyse and comment on written texts
  • to write sentences with correct grammar and orthography and to complete written work relevant to the degree course (e.g. reports, descriptions of experiments, presentations)
  • to use computer text processing systems

(Foundation: Rahmenplan Deutsch als Fremdsprache an den Studienkollegs der Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

At the end of the second semester (for particularly talented students at the end of the first semester), there is a written suitability examination, which can be supplemented by an oral examination.