The building will be closed from July 18th, 2022 to September 2nd, 2022. You can reach us by email at Due to the high number of inquiries and the semester break, it may take time to respond.


The processing of registrations for DSH is delayed up to two weeks due of high numbers.


The registration for DSH-examen on 3rd of September is possible.

The registration for DSH-course during the winter semester ist possible.


The summer semester at the Studienkolleg will start on 1st of March 2022.

All preparatory courses will be taught face-to-face.


IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: The entrance test to the Studienkolleg TU Darmstadt on January 16, 2021 will be carried out online between 9 and 11 am (German time).

Please do not travel to Darmstadt for the entrance test. You will shortly receive an email with further information

IMPORTANT: Please note

First day of teaching in summer 2021: 1st of March 2021

Last day of teaching in summer 2021: 16th of July 2021

First day of teaching in winter 2021/22: 1st of September 2021

Last day of teaching in winter 2021/22: 12th of February 2022 (pending)

Important notice: due to the pandemic, it ist not certain whether teaching in summer 2021 will take place at the Studienkolleg or via online-measures.

Please consult this website regularly for up-to-date information. We will keep you informed.

However, you need to sit in person for written examinations and progress tests. Online-testing is not permitted.

Information for applicants for the Studienkolleg:

If you wish to apply for the Studienkolleg TU Darmstadt, please observe the following dates for applications:

If you want to apply for the winter term: 15th of March – 15th of April

If you want to apply for the summer term: 15th of September – 15th of October

Please apply online under: Read more