Admissions procedure for T courses and G courses

may consist of the following tasks:Applicants for the Studienkolleg need to enrol with the university of their choice. Upon approval of their application, they will be invited in writing to the entrance examination to the Studienkolleg.

The entrance examination is mandatory for all applicants and consists of two parts testing German proficiency as well as basic knowledge of mathematics (for T-course applicants only). Admission to the Studienkolleg depends however, on the number of places available which may vary from semester to semester.

The German entrance examination (for all applicants):

Requirement: at least B1 level of German or above (B1-Certificate GER.).

Duration: 40 minutes

The entrance examination consists of a so-called “C-test” or cloze-test in which every second word is to be completed. Sample tests can be found under:. this page (opens in new tab)

Additional German entrance examination (for G-course-applicants only):

Applicants for G-course are required to take an additional German test. The test takes about 40 minutes and may consist of the following tasks:

  • Composition
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar and/or Syntax

The mathematics test (for T-courses-applicants only):

Applicants for T-course are required to take an additional test in mathematics, in addition to the German entrance examination. This test takes about 40 minutes and may consist of the following tasks:

  • Linear and quadratic equations and inequations
  • Term transformations
  • Area and volume calculations
  • Points, line segments and lines in coordinate systems
  • Spatial sense of objects and figures
  • Intersecting lines, Pythagorean theorem
  • Orders of magnitude
  • percentage calculation

You can find a sample test here (opens in new tab) .