Physics is taught in seven lessons per week. The curriculum in the first semester is predominantly designed to bring all students up to the same level and to consolidate their existing knowledge in terms of both the subject and the language. Particular support in learning the specialist language of physics is given through a teaching project in Physics-German. In this project, students will learn to cope step by step with difficult formulations which may occur in test protocols and complex exercises, regularly supported during physics lessons by German teachers, and through additional directed German lessons.

In the second semester, the focus of the classes is on clear preparation of specific content in the foundation stage of degree studies. This includes consolidation and expansion of language and subject knowledge gained in the first semester, as well as an introduction to the scientific methods and working techniques required in introductory semesters at universities.

The specialist physics knowledge taught in these classes comes from the areas of mechanics and electricity, as required for T courses in all Studienkollegs in Germany.