Learning materials for T courses and G courses


You can find the information provided by the Studienkolleg on the Moodle e-learning plattform here.

Materials for Mathematics:

Mathematics notes (opens in new tab) (K. Olt) (ask your Maths teacher for the password)

Materials for Physics::

Physics notes (opens in new tab) (K. Olt) (ask your Physics teacher for the password)

Practise program for proper rounding

Materials for Chemistry:

Chemistry notes (opens in new tab) (C. Jost, D. Brie)

Orbital-Viewer, a program for showing orbitals.

Materials for Information Technology:

Information Technology notes (opens in new tab) (C. Jost)

Eclipse download page

Hades, a program for simulating digital circuits Download Web-Start

Hades brief instructions (opens in new tab)

Practice program for number representation

Other helpful links:

Instructions for activating your TU ID

Athene card (payment functions for canteen, copiers…)

coverage of the semester ticket

LibreOffice download page. LibreOffice is a free and excellent office suite including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software