Preparing for degree studies with DSH courses

International students who gained their higher education entrance qualification in a non-German-speaking country and who wish to study a subject taught in German at a German university must acquire appropriate German language skills before beginning their degree studies and demonstrate these in an examination. Since 2005, the “Studienkolleg Darmstadt” offers prospective students of TU Darmstadt (and other universities) language courses and examinations for this purpose.

The DSH course is a language course for preparation for the German language test for entrance to higher education (DSH). It is addressed to students in international groups who want to improve their language skills relevant for studies.

According their language requirements students are intensively prepared for DSH in the two-semester course or in the one-semester course. A certificate (CEFR) at level B1 or B2 is required for registration.

The students are taught by lecturers of the Studienkolleg who have completed a degree in linguistics. Most of them have years of experience in teaching German as foreign language. The courses focus on writing and speaking skills.

Besides language awareness and preparation for DSH the lecturers introduce to the infrastructure of the university and the academic work relevant to degree studies.

The DSH examination training offers targeted, short-term preparation for the requirements of the DSH. It takes place on eight days in the two weeks preceding the written DSH. The training is open to students having passed the appropriate courses and achieved capabilities on level C1 (CEFR).

During the training, the structure of the DSH will be explained as well as strategies for solving various are presented and sample examinations are conducted and evaluated.